The Ponto 9 retail line is a professional way to treat the hair at home


FINE LINE - For thin and delicate hair

Enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C, it gently cleanses fine hair with soft ingredients, providing hydration, lightness, and intense shine to the hair.

Provides natural movement


Made with vitamins. Gently cleanses the hair.



Provides hydration, high brightness and an instant untangle without weighing fine hair. 


 Fine leave-in provides natural movement, lightness and shine to the hair. Its composition with wheat amino acids returns moisture to the hair. It also protects the hair against high temperatures of a flat iron and a blow dry.

DRY LINE - Suitable for dry hair

Enriched with ceramides and vitamin E , it eliminates the roughness and dryness of the hair in the first application.

Acts potently to intensively bring back the brightness, movement and hydration lost by the hair.





Associated with ceramides, this restores natural moisture and improves flexibility of the hair strands. Formulated with smoothing ingredients , it gently cleanses and balances the hair's pH.


Made to restore dry hair, the Dry line returns the lost hydration and moisture of dry hair through the association of Ceramide and Vitamin E.


The Dry Leave-in contains the art of ingredients.

From Ceramides, to a complex vitamin E, its formula penetrates the hair cuticle , settling internally and making the hair healthy and strong. It also has heat protection.


With a more Intensive Hydration than the conditioner, the mask provides the dry hair with a deeper moisture, and replenishes essential components of hair structure. Its benefits are noticed in the first application.

Serves to eliminate the roughness and dryness of the hair.

COLOR LINE - Suitable to make dyed hair last longer// includes sun protection

The Color line is suitable for dyed or bleached hair. Its use is to treat and recover the damages occurred during the chemical process of color or bleach, making the color lasts longer.

Made with a specific sunscreen for the hair,  it keeps hair cuticles closed and protected from sun damage, therefore  preventing color fading and damage from ultraviolet solar radiation.


The Sunflower extract associated with cutting-edge ingredients balances the pH, restores vitality to color, softness and shine to hair.



Developed for dyed hair, Color Shampoo makes the color lasts longer.

Formulated with specific sunscreen for the hair, it keeps cuticle closed and protected from sun damage, therefore preventing color fading. It's formula associated with sunflower extract returns the strengthening, balancing the hair pH and returning all softness, silkiness and shine lost


Developed for dyed hair, Color Conditioner intensively treats and protects hair. Developed with specific sunscreen for the hair, it keeps cuticles closed and protected from sun damage, therefore preventing color fading and damage from ultraviolet solar radiation. The Sunflower extract associated with cutting-edge ingredients extract balances the hair pH, restores vitality, softness and shine.


Developed for dyed hair, Color leave in increases the protection of the hair. Formulated with specific sunscreen for the hair, it protects against the sun radiation and keeps the hair soft;  giving silkiness and shine  to the hair.


Intensive Hydration developed for dyed hair. Formulated with specific sunscreen for the hair, it keeps cuticles closed and protected from sun damage, therefore preventing color fading.

FRESH LINE - Suitable for oily roots and dry ends

Suitable for oily roots and dry ends, its composition activates the circulation and balances the scalp; providing a smooth, refreshing and relaxing wash.

Fresh line restores the natural moisture, the pH balance, brightness and flexibility without leaving the hair heavy.




Prepared to provide freshness while cleaning the hair, the Fresh Shampoo has at its base soft ingredients that gently cleanses without damaging the hair.

It's formula activates circulation and balances the oiliness of the scalp. leaves refreshing feel to the scalp.


This conditioner provides a refreshing action, adding hydration and shine to the hair.

Formulated with a combination of Citrus Extract and Vitamin E, it helps restore natural moisture and flexibility to the ends of the hair.

Silver mask retail.jpg

SILVER LINE - Perfect color for blond, bleached and gray hair

Its advanced formula neutralizes yellowish and orange tones caused by oxidation, prolonging and increasing the durability of the platinum color.

Developed with cysteine, the amino acid that redoes the cracks of the hair strands, provides hydration and a perfect blond color.




 An exclusive formula without sulfate gently cleans,  provides natural shine and silkiness.



Silver mask retail.jpg

SILVER MASK -  Its unique formula contains a blend of amino acids that provides a deep moisture and silkiness  to the hair. suitable for blondes.


 Its unique formula returns moisture to the hair and  contains a unique blend with cysteine; providing shine, silkiness and treatment for blonde hair.

HYPNOTIC LINE - Suitable for damaged hair due to straightening systems

Hypnotic is a specific treatment line to retrieve the hair that passed through a frequent straightening process.

Its unique formula with amino acids is associated with moisturizers to recover the thread and promote long lasting moisture to the hair.

Its formula is sulfate free, providing a gentle cleansing without removing or damaging the chemical process done, leaving the hair shiny and hydrated.






Its unique formula without sulfate provides a gentle cleansing without removing or damaging the chemical process.


Its unique formula provides intensive conditioning to the hair, restoring softness, silkiness and shine.

Its composition with potent moisturizing properties provide recovery and a long-lasting moisture to the hair.


With Vitamin E and Vitamin B5. Provides untangling and softness for the hair.

Includes thermal protection.


More conditioning action for hair with permanent and straightening. Its unique formula provides intensive hydration to the hair, restoring and recovering softness, shine and health of hair. 

LINE NO FRIZZ RESISTANCE - Reduction of hair volume and curls

The Resistance line reduces up to 70% of the hair's volume , removing the frizz.

Its formula gives extreme conditioning and intensive hydration to the hair.

Its formula also interacts with high nutrition amino acids, providing volume control and protecting the hair against environment humidity.

Resistance SHAMPOO

Designed to provide extremely gentle washing with hair. Volume reduction up to 70%, and no frizz.


Designed to provide extreme conditioning, with hair volume reduction up to 70%, and no frizz .

Resistance MASK

Its advanced formula is enriched with high nutrition amino acids, restoring the cortex and the hair cuticle, promoting strengthening, and restoring the essential components of hair on the first application.


Resistance  LEAVE-IN

Its composition combines high technology in high nutrition amino acids providing the following benefits:

+Modeling and defining curls

+Volume reduction up to 70%

+Modeling for a longer  time and setting of the hairstyle

+Thermal protection up to 235ºC

+Increasing the brightness and softness of hair


TT CREAM LINE - Restore, hydration and recovering

The TT Cream kit is able to recover and balance the amino acid contents, returning the benefits of moisturizing, conditioning and repairing of the hair. It is a real cocktail of amino acids that are micro encapsulated, by providing hair that have been damaged through loss of keratin, mainly by chemical processes.

A new concept that incorporates 10 treatments in just ONE product. Developed with encapsulated nano amino acids, this treatment reconstructs the hair in a three-dimensional shape, reaching the deepest layers, providing hydration, light, strengthening, deep nourishment, repair, thermal protection, softness, instant sealing of hair and mass replacement. It also balances the pH and hydrates the hair in minutes.


Product with gentle cleansing that prepares the hairs for a deeper treatment. Daily use.


A new concept that incorporates 10 treatments in just ONE product. Developed with encapsulated Nano amino acids, the TT treatment restructures the hair of three-dimensional shape, reaching the deepest layers, providing hydration, liminosidade, strengthening, deep nourishment, repair, disciplining action, thermal protection, softness, instant sealing split ends.

BLOWDRY EXPRESS LINE - Reduces Blow dry time up to 50%

It's formula contains nutrients that provide thermal protection as well as increasing the durability of blow dry.

Reduces blowdrying time up to 50%



It's formula gently cleanses the hair and helps to blow dry in a shorter time.


IT's formula softens the hair strands and makes it easy to manage


It's formula gives thermal protection during the blow dry 

BYE BYE FRIZZ LINE - Keep the frizz away

Bye Bye Frizz is a treatment with nanotechnology that was developed to reduce and control the frizz without acids or formaldehyde in its formula.

It gives to the hair silkness and shine

Cristal Shampoo 200ml.jpg
Cristal Cond 200ml.jpg

Cristal Line - After pool and beach

its exclusive formula with creatine and vitamin B5 with positive charge repair the cuticles and remove the chlorine, salt and impurites from the hair.